A Simple and Effective Approach to Streamlining Risk Assessment

The CQ RiskPro application is a user-friendly and powerful solution with inbuilt capability for simplifying the risk management process.

Knowledge is the most effective tool to mitigate against operational risks linked to people, processes and systems. This involves knowing the risks, the probability of their materialisation and the appropriate controls necessary to mitigate them to acceptable levels. This requires a comprehensive risk management process that facilitates a holistic view of operational risk across geographic locations or within different business entities.



CQ RiskPro provides the key solution in capturing and centralising information, saving time, money and providing business value.


Reduce Costs

Reducing cost through intelligent re-allocation of resources.



Demonstrating compliance with regulations through centralisation of data.


Ease of Use

Focusing on usability to reduce the complexity of risk assessments.


Balance Risks with Costs

Delivering essential information to balance IT risks against mitigation costs.


Standardised System

Replace old software with a seamless management process, even across dispersed organizations.

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Reduce Costs

CQ RiskPro deployments (onsite or hosted) takes hours rather than days. Using a low code development platform significantly reduces customization and integration costs. Organisations can enjoy cost reductions through intelligent re-allocation of resources in line with their skill levels.


Because the CQ RiskPro application centrally documents the entire risk assessment process, from asset classification to residual risk monitoring, it is a breeze for organisations to clearly demonstrate compliance with local and international regulations or with internal information security policy.

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Balancing Risk with Costs

When human and financial resources are limited it is essential that organisations justify cybersecurity investments where they are needed the most to balance risk with cost. The CQ RiskPro application enables organisations to easily pinpoint key IT risks and prioritise their mitigation according to the impact on vital business services.

Ease of Use

The CQ RiskPro application is designed around the philosophy of simplifying risk management. We start with an incredibly intuitive interface that substantially eliminates much of complexity inherent with risk assessment activities. Usability is key to a positive user experience to maximize your team’s potential. Dashboards and reports deliver important information at the click of a button.

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Standardised System

Improving efficiency and effectiveness involves streamlining and automating manual processes where possible.  The CQ RiskPro application eliminates the need for spreadsheets and documents to perform and record risk assessments. Instead the application streamlines this process through centralization of all risk assessment data making it more accessible to stakeholders while encouraging more collaboration among teams. Using the ISO 27005 risk management methodology encourages consistency that contributes significantly to an effective risk assessment process. Automation of threat, vulnerability and control selection noticeably reduces risk assessment effort.


Key features

  • Multiple platform support (Windows and Mac) – deployable as a standalone, browser or mobile application.
  • Risk assessment workflow based on ISO27005 Information security and risk management standard
  • Centralisation and standardisation of risk assessment data
  • Catalog of NIST controls with baseline control generation based on asset sensitivity
  • Pre-defined threats, vulnerabilities and control recommendations
  • Full risk assessment process from asset classification to risk identification, mitigation and monitoring
  • Knowledge base of organisational “assets” such as Projects, People, Hardware/Software, Data types and classifications
  • Risks and Issues (both current and historical) etc into a Risk Register
  • Reporting - both in-built and potential customisation along with import/export for fast and easy data migration
  • Security enabled to allow users to be defined on a role base access model.
  • Low code development reducing customization costs
  • Dashboarding to visualize aggregate and detail risk assessment data
  • Comprehensive security: Active Directory integration, role based access model, encryption of data at rest and in transit, extensive auditing of events with export of data

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