Virtual Cyber Security Services

CipherQuest provides customisable service options to meet projected needs, allowing the client to grow or reduce cyber skill capacity on demand.

The different ways we can help

Managing cyber security risk is not a short term exercise - it is needed as long as the business is running.  A cyber security posture needs to remain consistent regardless of resource/workload variation or changes in organisation, regulatory environment or markets.


Virtual Services

Improving cyber security service acquisition to meet increasing demand, raise service levels and reduce costs.


Virtual Human Resources

Supplementing existing human resources as needed to ensure that cyber security demands are met effectively and on time.

Helping you manage your needs

Virtual Services

Many clients conduct cyber security exercises that are repeated regularly, such as penetration testing, risk assessments, asset classifications or security audits. 

Over time the scope and complexity of these repeated projects can be estimated thus providing the opportunity for purchasing services in bulk. 

CipherQuest offers clients the opportunity to purchase short- or long-term contracts in Europe and the Caribbean for such cyber security services that provide the following benefits:

  • Potential cost savings for bundled cyber services over the short- and long-term
  • Cyber security service costs can be re-allocated to operational rather than individual project costs
  • Subscription packages can be customised to include any of our services
  • Faster access to our services when needed thanks to no procurement overhead
Business People Meeting Corporate Digital Device Connection Concept
Helping you manage your resource needs

Virtual Human Resources

Often times Security Managers encounter situations where demand for services outstrip supply for a number of reasons, such as major business projects, reduced staffing levels or due to cyber security incidents.

CipherQuest works with clients to provide remote virtual human resources to fill short- or long-term needs within organisations, such as:

  • A virtual Risk Assessor to cover staff absences or skill shortages
  • A virtual CISO to support your security posture or to assist you with your cyber strategy
  • Virtual support to use when full-time staff are diverted to other important initiatives or when projects run behind schedule


"CipherQuest has been a trusted partner over the years in building and maturing the cyber risk management infrastructure of the group.  Their team of experts are professional, flexible in their approach to meeting business and time-to-market requirements." 

Republic Bank Ltd.

"With Cloud services becoming an increasing component of business operations, a need arose to identify and assess risks created with adoption of this new technology.  CipherQuest was instrumental in helping us achieve this objective. We found their services to be professional, their approach tailored for our environment and they worked with us to help manage limited budgets."

Guardian Holdings Ltd.

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