Penetration Testing and Technical Services

Our penetration testing, vulnerability scan and social engineering exercises help you to identify existing technical and human risks that may adversely impact your business. Our tailored testing services ensure these exercises deliver exactly what you need.

What is your significant motivator?

A key to actively managing Cyber security threats mandate timely testing of your network infrastructure, servers, wireless, firewalls, VoIP, mobile, IoT, cloud services, software applications, human resources (social engineering) and SCADA devices. This necessitates a balancing act between limited resources and demands from auditors/Boards, compliance mandates, and operational/due diligence requirements.


Audit / Board Requirement

Remediating audit exceptions, or complying with a Board mandate.



Demonstrating focus was paid to protecting company and customer data.


Compliance Requirements

Compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO 27000, CoBIT, other standards & best practice.



Improving security measures after an incident to assure that similar events don’t reoccur.

Board Visible Cyber Risk Items

Audit/Board Requirement

Auditors often include within their scope some elements of cyber security which may result in audit exceptions that are visible at the Board level. Further, as Boards become more knowledgeable and reactive to cyber security threats, the need for regular testing exercises becomes a high profile requirement.

CipherQuest has worked with many clients to ensure that the right types of tests, such as external, internal and application penetration tests, are undertaken to ensure that these requirements are successfully met, without undue burden on already stretched resources.

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Best Practice Compliance

Due Diligence

Technical security testing forms a part of every major business project in today's digital environment. From newly implemented web or mobile business services, third-party products, application code, new technology (IoT, Cloud) or network infrastructure - due diligence demands testing before launch and as a part of every major change.

Testing can become a complex exercise that significantly impacts delivery timelines, and even launch dates. CipherQuest helps organisations to efficiently integrate appropriate security testing into projects to better meet time-to-market and budget constraints.

Annual compliance testing requirements

Compliance Requirements

For many compliance certifications (PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.) it is mandatory that annual technical tests, such as penetration test or vulnerability scans, be undertaken.

CipherQuest can become a valued partner so that your organisation can meet these requirements. We provide a competitive option for annual technical testing that meets all requirements while taking into account your time lines and budget constraints.

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post Cyber incident response

Incident Recovery

A critical part of recovery is identifying the details of an incident, determining how to mitigate exploited vulnerabilities and avoiding a reoccurrence.  This response may take the form of a forensic investigation or a generic penetration test to identify, resolve and improve your organisation's security issues.

CipherQuest partners with your organisation to offer tailored services that align with your business requirements and resource constraints.


"CipherQuest has been a trusted partner over the years in building and maturing the cyber risk management infrastructure of the group.  Their team of experts are professional, flexible in their approach to meeting business and time-to-market requirements." 

Republic Bank Ltd.

"With Cloud services becoming an increasing component of business operations, a need arose to identify and assess risks created with adoption of this new technology.  CipherQuest was instrumental in helping us achieve this objective. We found their services to be professional, their approach tailored for our environment and they worked with us to help manage limited budgets."

Guardian Holdings Ltd.

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